Brilliant idea with a perfect execution

Client came to us with an idea to built a portal that could help App startups to raise easy round of funding from the crowd. The portal has a lot of complex modules built in but it has such a easy navigation and interface that users don’t tend to feet how heavily loaded it is. The execution has been so brilliant that the portal caught a lot of media attention and was featured in Gigaom, New York times, Venture beat etc.


Crowd funding is the name of the game and there are a lot of business modelled around it so to execute the ides uniquely and make the interface user friendly a lot of alpha tests were done with the design to find out the right combination that would work and once the design element were freeze then the development was carried out in a phased manner making sure the heaviness of the features don’t kill the user experience. A lot of testing was done to reduce the page load time to the minimum irrespective on the number of parallel connection to the server.

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Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5

Key Highlights

1. Easy User Interface
2. Multiple Payment gateway Integration to manage payments from the bakers
3. Account management system
4. Developed in less than 6 months

Technologies Used