Good Developers Must Have Some Sense of Design

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In general, a web developer is not expected to be a designer, but the question is “should a developer learn design techniques for adding excellence to his work?” The answer is definitely Yes. Below we will discuss a few points to clear this point of view.

If web developers are well familiar with the design activities, they can better adapt the idea behind a good responsive web work. With devices of all latest brand and size capabilities , they have to adapt new techniques. This has been a natural and positive progression.

The best thing a developer can do is to attain a little knowledge of design and be able to take design aesthetic, realize its essential components, and reinterpret them on the fly. How is a certain piece of design going to look and behave? How will a tablet designed for a desktop view work for mobile? Designers and developers can work together to answer these questions. Almost always, these discussions lead to a solution that is elegant, effective, and sensible.

Once you understand how a design system is built and behaves, you will be able to write more concise and consistent code. This enables us to recognize patterns in the designs and write more modular, object-oriented CSS. Both of these points are essential for developing responsive websites, where ballooning code and performance have become top-of-mind issues.

In actual sense, understand design to understand the user . So go ahead, pick up a book on the principles of design, connect yourself from design community and strike up conversations.


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