Modern Point of Sale: Industries Opting the System Rapidly

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Point of sale software is going to be vary familiar today. In the beginning of nineties, in last century, industries had some hesitation to opt this software for their trade. When Martin Goodwin and Bob Henry created the first point of sale software, initially they got very cold response. It was the year of 1992. The software could run on the platform of Microsoft windows and it was called IT Retail. After that POS software witnessed revolution in its format. Various format of the software came into existence, that had many functionality at the same time, such as local data storage, networking and matchless graphical user interface. Availability of the software was made easy and increasing user ship declined its price.

There are many features that made point of sale technology a reliable sources such as high and consistent operating speed, reliability, ease of use, remote controlling, low cost, and rich functionality. Let us see who were the predominant users of the system initially.

  • Retail industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Restaurant Franchise
  • Hair and beauty industry

These were the industries that made important effect on the nature of point of sale system according to their requirement. In brief we consider the changes and technologies that they required in their industries.

Retail industry – Retail industries used largely POS terminals. The system for it includes a computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code reading scanner, and not all but many retail systems have a debit or credit card reader. It may contains more gadgets such as weight scale, integrated credit card processing system, customer pin pad device etc.etc. Normally the monitor has touch screen facility to fit for retailers and consumers. It has some extra features and these qualities make restaurant POS system unique, such as earlier planned promotional sales, manufacturer coupon validation, foreign currency handling and multiple payment methods. Many retail POS systems have accounting interface that “feeds” goods, sales and cost detail to independent accounting application. In fast growing technology, now POS can be installed even in mobile phone and tables or any other developed communication devices.

Hospitality industry – The POS system for hospitality includes computer, registers, peripheral equipment and networking facility. It keeps the record sales, labor and payroll and easily can provides record related to accounting and book keeping. And also they may be accessed remotely by high authorities, troubleshooters and other privileged persons.

Restaurant industry – Point of sale technology revolutionized restaurant industry, especially in the fast food sector. The restaurant industry comprises one main thing which called “central control unit”. The register in the form of computer, has a connection termed as “store controller”. Printers is one important part for Restaurant point of sale. A remote server keep vigil on store network and data inserted into it. To keep the risk of system crash away, it has one central database termed as File Server. A good system with high efficiency decreases the service time and assures the accuracy of ordering.

Hair and beauty industry – Point of sale system is going to be very popular in salon or hair and beauty industries. To store complete detail of the client was a little complicated before the POS system were introduced. For handling the salon or Spa, you must keep the list of client name, contact numbers, appointment time, and charges for the services. Apart from this it is essential to keep employee schedules and product inventory in a system that generates reports and receipts. That is the reason that point of sale software was opted in salon rapidly.

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