How to make a good photography website

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The website based on images always is a tough task. You must be careful for the way you represent the portfolio to your visitors.
You don’t worry much you are making a normal website. Normally they have a fixed format or structure, such as header, navigation, sidebar, text area etc. etc. But if you are handling a photography website, let it be a wedding photography website, you have to tackle many problems if you did not consider the basics of its design.

Photo portfolios typically have two or three main sections:

The gallery
Contact section
About section (if needed)
Now these are some questions that you need to know the answers by yourself!

  •     What should the size of photo?
  •     Is it compressed?
  •    Which is better! Flash or HTML5?
  •     What if using automatic slideshow?
  •     The number of photos include?

After getting answers for all above mentioned questions, a designer keep these points into consideration:

  1. Considering Target Demographic
  2. Sketching Out a Layout
  3. Support for Dynamic Content
  4. Keep the Contrast High
  5. Using High Resolution Images
  6. Large View Area
  7. Order the Photos Strategically
  8. Details for Each Photo
  9. Navigation
  10. Scrolling limit

It is hoped that using these tips you can manage, create an awesome website design!

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A Quick Review on Ecommerce Website

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The term E Commerce stands simply for Electronic Commerce. It is the age of internet, so the business required an online platform for online business. The very concept bought up the idea of e-commerce website.

Basically ecommerce website normally deals in transaction being done online. In other words it handles purchase and sales of products on internet. In later years, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started to govern and regulate the activities of the ecommerce websites.

Let’s see what are the use of Ecommerce website:

  • Money transferring online
  • Automated data collection systems
  • Electronic data exchanges
  • Inventory management systems
  • Supply chain management systems

So, it is clear that eBusiness like every other business, focuses on the customer experience, about transacting online, order, returns, purchase and many other term like this.

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Point of Sale Software V/s Cash Register

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For establishing a flourishing business, there are somethings that have more power in comparison of money. You have to ease the service for the customers, provided by you. For your cash collection covering all the detail, you need some technical support. Whether it is a software in your computer or a device capable of handling all things related to your business.

After all, the reason behind it is that you are starting such an endeavor, other than trying to provide a service that people may need? So, to make your effort easier, cash management is something that no retail store can live without, and they would obviously want something reliable for people who operate them. If there is an integrity problem with their cash management solution, the business is one that is in for some suffering.

There has always been an endless discussion on the issue. A mind thinks which is better, a cash register  or a Point of Sale system. And while people claim that the cash register can hold up against the point of sale system, there are simply very many reasons why this claim can be refuted.

POS System

The POS system is something that is impeccable, in a word. It can observe and perform all of the essential duties of a cash register, but it excels in so many other areas. For example, the point of sale can make reports with description and provides you more detail. It enhances the accuracy of business, and it can help the business keep track of its inventory.

Apart from this, it can easily grow as the business does, and does not generally show signs of aging. Cash registers generally do. The point of sale system may be a little harder to figure out initially, but it is not something that cannot be learnt.

Cash Register

Cash register is something that has been around for quite a while, and it still is something that can be effective for a smaller business. Generally, if not for aesthetic purposes, the business is only using one of these because they do not have the budget for a better cash management system. They are easier to operate, but their accuracy and performance can be disrupted by even a human error. Even with the fact that they have fewer components than the POS system.

In the debate over the cash register and the POS system, it can easily be told which are the more superior of the two. Something that is cheap and easy, as a general rule, will not be durable or create problems in future. The same quotation cab be for the register. Eventually, after business success, the best idea is to move onto the system. It is something that can make the lives of business owners much easier in the long run.

For dedicated business owner, consider the Point of Sale system the better choice if they would like to optimize their business, as the cash register will be more troublesome than its worth. And although they can be more expensive than the cash register, the benefits of owning a point-of-sale system will show itself as soon as the first transaction is made, immediately showing you why you were tired of that old cash register. That’s why a business expert always advises you opt Pos Software.

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Do iPhone Apps help in business growth?

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If we put this question before an school or college going boys and girls, “What is the use of an iPhone in their lives?” Simply the answer will be one. They use it because the device provides entertainment stuff and connectivity with their friends.

But at corporate level if we put the same question to someone, certainly the answer will vary person to person and profession to profession. But the extract of the answer of this question is that iphone also can help in your business development and in your market value promotion. By installing apps in your iphone, you would get lots of benefits. There are many iphone apps that have been built for the promotion and providing facility to your enterprise. Mobile apps developers have brought a great technological revolution.

With the advancement of technology, iphone application development has become an essential part of business strategy, an no one can ignore its importance. The device replete with business related application is capable to handle your many complicated job from marketing and sales to branding your corporate image before world.

Let us see the type of iphone applications are available in app stores:

E-mailing: The most important app. iPhone makes you available on web applications to access your emails, no matter where you are.
CRM: Abbreviation of Contact Resource Management. iPhone Application can also act as CRM. This provides your sales team, or an executive with the customers, and you can access all the information about the customer.
iPhone POS: iphone point of sale give you all information of sales, store, staffs, inventory control and online ordering, credit card reader and lots of other facilities.


There are apps that help you to keep yourself updated with the current affairs of the world, like:
1. News Search
2. News flash on mobile
3. Email news links, photos

Social Networking:-
Social networking website made making contacts very easy with new people and familiar one. iPhone makes it more easy for you. It provides outstanding applications for social networking.
1. Locating friends
2. Social networking games

Countless games on iphone platform. You can download and enjoy. You can have the games based on:
1. Strategy games
2. Quizzes
3. Puzzles

Many applications available which can be installed on your iPhone to make your phone an entertaining device. Some examples
1. Radio Stations
2. Local Event Information
3. Music

So, having full benefits of the device you own, it is necessary to have apps. The not only serve you for business purpose, but also removes your stress that you get from extra loads of work :) .

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Various Aspects of iPhone App Development

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On the advent of 2012, the selling of iphone saw major increase. According to a report in the first quarter of the year Apple reported selling over 37 million iphone in world market. It proves that the device became popular in public very fast. Youths made this their first choice. As the use of iphone spread, so the requirement of application increased day by day. This way a separate branch opened with the title of iphone development. Objective C, XCode, Interface Builder and iOS – all terms in the world of iPhone application development.

All serious iPhone developers know that in it only Intel based processor is required. Apple company does never go to release a software development kit that works on Windows. They have to work of development under the Android platform. Even though there are hacks for emulating the OSX operating system on a PC, the software development kit is continuously updated and this will lead to lost productivity and frustration.

When you plan some iphone application invention, you must have some points in your mind. You awareness will protect you lots of further problems. Here are some important things to mention when you when you enter into this vast land of possibilities.

At first chose an Apple developer’s site and enter “iOS Dev Center. This center is replete with various downloads, getting started videos, documentation, sample code and much more. You need not pay any penny for registration with Apple because it is always free and requires to download the integrated development environment, XCode. This is the best environment that is the starting point for iPhone application development.

Downloading XCode is straight forward, but be careful, you must confirm that the XCode you are downloading is of correct version based on your Macintosh operating system. XCode 4.2 for Snow Leopard, XCode 4.3 for Lion and XCode 4.4 for Mountain Lion.

XCode is a compressed file and usually 2GB volume is compressed into1.6 GB. Certainly it will take extra download time. XCode is optimized for designing, coding, building and testing iOS applications, but can also be used to develop Cocoa applications for the Macintosh computer.

Consider that the creation of a new XCode project, the Single View Application for the iOS is the best template. You will have to spend some time to understand this template. The app delegate verses the view controller, though Objective C is the language of iOS development. If the developer is not familiar with Objective C, go to a site with sample code and work through the tutorials for iPhone application development. Download an XCode sample project, build and run in the iOS simulator. Much can be gained by reverse engineering class and interface builder files.

As a developer when you create an application, you need to join now iOS Developer Program for a reasonable cost. This allows the registration of up to 100 devices for final testing and submission to the App Store for distribution. Web development is also a choice for iOS. Most companies are leaning towards web development for the mobile marketplace mentioning that is the need of time. Here the developer does not require the full knowledge of Objective C. The easier HTML5, CSS, JavaScript languages can be implemented for iOS as well as Android and Blackberry. Developers are advised to download sample code, coding How-To and videos from the “Safari Dev Center” on the Apple developer’s site.

The road of iphone application development is very long and full of new sights of technologies and other interesting facts. It is like a trip of excitement for an apps developer. There are many stones to be turned and discover new gem.

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What to Look When Buying a POS System

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Point of sale software is getting very popular day by day. This system provides maximum command over business for a business owner. The point of sale covers many different areas of user’s business operations. But all facilities are conditioned with buying a right point of sale system. You will see that there are many companies that they are trying to sell their own system. But it is not necessary that you can find all features in it including flawless inventory and vendor management with perfect streamlining Point of Sale processes.

Below are a few points that must be discussed and tested well:

Inventory: This allows you to categorize your inventory by a number of fields for easy customization according to your need. Check the feature and detail of Store, Department, Class, Subclass, Item Description, Size, and Color etc..

Purchasing: It help you replenish items efficiently and negotiate lower vendor costs.

Point of Sale: It suggests you to reduce pricing errors and speed up checkouts.

Customer Relationship Management :  CRM is its abbreviated form. The system keeps a complete profile of every customer who has purchased commodity in your store.

Reports and Analysis: The system permits you to preview, search and print daily sales reports and journals by register, batch, and number on receipt.

Apart from it check that the system is capable of identifying sales trends according to items, style, department, and vendor. Analyze perform reports for cashier, salesmen, and customers.  A good pos system will also allow you to export reports directly into Excel, XML, CSV or your E-mail.

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Android Point of Sale and Payment via Mobile by Salesvu

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An iPhone, iPad or Android POS is the favourite option for managing sales for the small enterprises. There are many point of sale apps, that are free to download on iTunes and can be set up in minutes, by a single time registration. It was made mandatory to avert false elements, and it only takes a few minutes. SalesVu is the first mobile payment application that’s tied to a cloud-based management infrastructure. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, with SalesVu, you can still oversee and run your business, regardless of how many locations, employees or customers you have.

Sales made through the SalesVu POS software, will be deposited in your account after one business day (except for the first transaction, which takes 2 business days).

In a world dominated by networked communications, convenience is the key to everything. People today trust their mobile more than their bank when it comes to handle money. Since, mobile money provides a cashless, fast and simple way for the customers to deal with all their financial transactions, from home, office or while travelling around the globe. From phone banking to internet banking and now to mobile payment services, the constantly changing financial services landscape has stepped up to include total solutions to manage money from any location. Mobile financial services are the future, bridging the distance between banks and telecommunications, integrating the sophisticated platforms of mobile phone networks and secure financial systems. Mobile payment is at forefront of this technological innovation, development and establishing this element of trust and security. The improvement of security has seen the use of mobile funds transfer and transactions increase both in quantity of goods and services purchased.

Mobile payment is developing quickly in recent years and certainly will grow fast in the following years. It is lovely payment method especially in Asia and Europe. Instead of paying with cash, cheque or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services or hard goods such as:

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Ring tones
  • Online games
  • Wallpapers
  • Transportation fare
  • Pparking charges
  • Books
  • Magazines

The system allows you to manage payments made with cash and cheques too. There are many more features available. Irrespective of whether a customer pays in cash, cheque or credit card, a digital receipt can be emailed to them with the complete transaction details. You can further customize your receipt to show a message or adding your company logo.

The website offers an easy reporting tools. You can see reports in the form of a pie, line, bar or table and even save or print the reports. Reports can be generated by specific product or date range, making managing your profits easier.

Thus, SalesVu is an excellent option to organize and accept payments, transactions and also manage inventories.

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Who is the Best Mobile and Android Payment Solution Provider

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Do you have payment applications in your mobile? It is challenging to have a right payment application in your mobile so as to grow your business in the right direction. Mobile POS (point – of – sale) system either completely replaces a traditional Point of Sale System stack at a checkout counter or it only supplements the Point of Sale System stack at the checkout. Basically, a mobile POS is a mobile computer that allows data entry of sales transaction information added by employees, anywhere. This mobile computer can be a dedicated rugged mobile computer, but in today’s world many organizations are opting for consumer devices like tablets, smart phones and even very easy music players like the iPod Touch to act as the engine. With mobile point of sale equipment your customers can use their credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and bank transfer cards – this can totally eliminate a lost sale stemming from the fact that your business can’t accept a form of payment that your customer would like to use. Thus, a mobile POS enables businessmen to accept plastic cards in order to make payments. Mobile POS is setting a new trend in IT sector and are easy to support the new developing companies.

There are myriad numbers of payment application providers in the market. But selecting a right one is an art in itself. Although, there are many companies offering such applications at lower rate but one company which is offering this application at most affordable prices and best of all features in ipad pos, is SalesVu.

SalesVU is one of the best prices mobile payment solutions to its clients and bestows the quality mobile phone applications. Some of the major reasons which force mobile workforce to get associated with SalesVu are mentioned below:


  • Can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store.
  • Offers both iPhone and iPad programmes.
  • Option of bar scanning through the application
  • Sends an email receipt immediately after the transaction is done.
  • Free card reader is provided to mobile workers who choose to process credit cards transaction

Hence, it can be rightly said that SalesVU is one of the best means to get payment applications on iPhone and iPad as it helps you to be more than just a mobile application provider and bestows you the best business payment solutions.

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Ways to Protect Your Computer from Virus

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People always be careful to save their computers with virus. The virus is a threat for the data they have stored in their system. Sometimes you click on a lottery announcement telling that you have won a handsome amount of 1 million dollar, or you open a mail from a girl, that has fallen in love madly with you by seeing the first site of your profile on internet.

Computer viruses have been a technological challenge all over the world. We are fully aware of the fact that it is a great threat for our computer data. If one day in the morning you open your system and find that you lost many files or folders containing vital information, then you must understand that your system got grace of a virus.

These little pieces in the shape of codes, create havoc, but if you know how to tackle with this little criminal, you can definitely stop or weaken that creature. Even if you cannot limit the power of this evil, totally, you definitely slow its destruction and damage.

What is a computer virus? Certainly this question haunts in our mind. Let’s know it in brief. It is software or software like thing, with a small imprint, that usually attaches itself with a legitimate program or software. When the programme is executed, the virus is also executed and it tries to create attachment with other programmes. The computer virus loads itself into the memory of the computer and then it starts to look for any programs where it can likely attach itself. In normal way it start affecting the whole computer system immediately.

A virus spreading through computer to computer via transferred files or via email, basically has the same destructive nature. The only difference between them is that a computer virus attacks on system by a software, pen drive, or with an already corrupt file when inserted into computer, while an email virus attaches itself to an email message or automatically sends the mail using the address saved in the address book of the user. The people are trapped when they receive and open that infected mail.

When the affected legitimate programme is run, suddenly the virus modifies the file to be helpful in adding the virus code to the programme. In fact, the virus performs the infection first before it commands the legitimate program to run. This process is so fast that no one can guess or notice that a virus was executed. With two programmes now gets infected (the original one and the infected first time), and the same process is repeated whenever either program is launched worsening the level of infection.

After the infecting, or even within the phase of infection, the virus usually starts attacking on the system. The level of attack can range from silly actions like flashing messages on the screen to actually erasing sensitive data.

There are some tips, by using this you can protect your system from being attacked from a virus:

  1. Install a legitimate and effective anti virus program and update it regularly. The anti virus program automatically stops or blocks the bad effects of a virus.
  2. Always use a secure operating system, as Unix because of its perfect security feature.
  3. If you use Microsoft product, enable Macro Virus Protection.
  4. Avoid installation of any software that you download from dubious sources.
  5. Don’t open email attachment if that comes from someone you do not know. These files have EXE, COM, VBS extension.

By your little precaution you can save your computer from a big danger. Opting Threat Management Gateway can ease your problem  including security system, URL filtering, anti virus, anti malware protection Email Security and so on.


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Modern Point of Sale: Industries Opting the System Rapidly

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Point of sale software is going to be vary familiar today. In the beginning of nineties, in last century, industries had some hesitation to opt this software for their trade. When Martin Goodwin and Bob Henry created the first point of sale software, initially they got very cold response. It was the year of 1992. The software could run on the platform of Microsoft windows and it was called IT Retail. After that POS software witnessed revolution in its format. Various format of the software came into existence, that had many functionality at the same time, such as local data storage, networking and matchless graphical user interface. Availability of the software was made easy and increasing user ship declined its price.

There are many features that made point of sale technology a reliable sources such as high and consistent operating speed, reliability, ease of use, remote controlling, low cost, and rich functionality. Let us see who were the predominant users of the system initially.

  • Retail industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Restaurant Franchise
  • Hair and beauty industry

These were the industries that made important effect on the nature of point of sale system according to their requirement. In brief we consider the changes and technologies that they required in their industries.

Retail industry – Retail industries used largely POS terminals. The system for it includes a computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code reading scanner, and not all but many retail systems have a debit or credit card reader. It may contains more gadgets such as weight scale, integrated credit card processing system, customer pin pad device etc.etc. Normally the monitor has touch screen facility to fit for retailers and consumers. It has some extra features and these qualities make restaurant POS system unique, such as earlier planned promotional sales, manufacturer coupon validation, foreign currency handling and multiple payment methods. Many retail POS systems have accounting interface that “feeds” goods, sales and cost detail to independent accounting application. In fast growing technology, now POS can be installed even in mobile phone and tables or any other developed communication devices.

Hospitality industry – The POS system for hospitality includes computer, registers, peripheral equipment and networking facility. It keeps the record sales, labor and payroll and easily can provides record related to accounting and book keeping. And also they may be accessed remotely by high authorities, troubleshooters and other privileged persons.

Restaurant industry – Point of sale technology revolutionized restaurant industry, especially in the fast food sector. The restaurant industry comprises one main thing which called “central control unit”. The register in the form of computer, has a connection termed as “store controller”. Printers is one important part for Restaurant point of sale. A remote server keep vigil on store network and data inserted into it. To keep the risk of system crash away, it has one central database termed as File Server. A good system with high efficiency decreases the service time and assures the accuracy of ordering.

Hair and beauty industry – Point of sale system is going to be very popular in salon or hair and beauty industries. To store complete detail of the client was a little complicated before the POS system were introduced. For handling the salon or Spa, you must keep the list of client name, contact numbers, appointment time, and charges for the services. Apart from this it is essential to keep employee schedules and product inventory in a system that generates reports and receipts. That is the reason that point of sale software was opted in salon rapidly.

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