Ways to Protect Your Computer from Virus

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People always be careful to save their computers with virus. The virus is a threat for the data they have stored in their system. Sometimes you click on a lottery announcement telling that you have won a handsome amount of 1 million dollar, or you open a mail from a girl, that has fallen in love madly with you by seeing the first site of your profile on internet.

Computer viruses have been a technological challenge all over the world. We are fully aware of the fact that it is a great threat for our computer data. If one day in the morning you open your system and find that you lost many files or folders containing vital information, then you must understand that your system got grace of a virus.

These little pieces in the shape of codes, create havoc, but if you know how to tackle with this little criminal, you can definitely stop or weaken that creature. Even if you cannot limit the power of this evil, totally, you definitely slow its destruction and damage.

What is a computer virus? Certainly this question haunts in our mind. Let’s know it in brief. It is software or software like thing, with a small imprint, that usually attaches itself with a legitimate program or software. When the programme is executed, the virus is also executed and it tries to create attachment with other programmes. The computer virus loads itself into the memory of the computer and then it starts to look for any programs where it can likely attach itself. In normal way it start affecting the whole computer system immediately.

A virus spreading through computer to computer via transferred files or via email, basically has the same destructive nature. The only difference between them is that a computer virus attacks on system by a software, pen drive, or with an already corrupt file when inserted into computer, while an email virus attaches itself to an email message or automatically sends the mail using the address saved in the address book of the user. The people are trapped when they receive and open that infected mail.

When the affected legitimate programme is run, suddenly the virus modifies the file to be helpful in adding the virus code to the programme. In fact, the virus performs the infection first before it commands the legitimate program to run. This process is so fast that no one can guess or notice that a virus was executed. With two programmes now gets infected (the original one and the infected first time), and the same process is repeated whenever either program is launched worsening the level of infection.

After the infecting, or even within the phase of infection, the virus usually starts attacking on the system. The level of attack can range from silly actions like flashing messages on the screen to actually erasing sensitive data.

There are some tips, by using this you can protect your system from being attacked from a virus:

  1. Install a legitimate and effective anti virus program and update it regularly. The anti virus program automatically stops or blocks the bad effects of a virus.
  2. Always use a secure operating system, as Unix because of its perfect security feature.
  3. If you use Microsoft product, enable Macro Virus Protection.
  4. Avoid installation of any software that you download from dubious sources.
  5. Don’t open email attachment if that comes from someone you do not know. These files have EXE, COM, VBS extension.

By your little precaution you can save your computer from a big danger. Opting Threat Management Gateway can ease your problem  including security system, URL filtering, anti virus, anti malware protection Email Security and so on.


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