Who is the Best Mobile and Android Payment Solution Provider

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Do you have payment applications in your mobile? It is challenging to have a right payment application in your mobile so as to grow your business in the right direction. Mobile POS (point – of – sale) system either completely replaces a traditional Point of Sale System stack at a checkout counter or it only supplements the Point of Sale System stack at the checkout. Basically, a mobile POS is a mobile computer that allows data entry of sales transaction information added by employees, anywhere. This mobile computer can be a dedicated rugged mobile computer, but in today’s world many organizations are opting for consumer devices like tablets, smart phones and even very easy music players like the iPod Touch to act as the engine. With mobile point of sale equipment your customers can use their credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and bank transfer cards – this can totally eliminate a lost sale stemming from the fact that your business can’t accept a form of payment that your customer would like to use. Thus, a mobile POS enables businessmen to accept plastic cards in order to make payments. Mobile POS is setting a new trend in IT sector and are easy to support the new developing companies.

There are myriad numbers of payment application providers in the market. But selecting a right one is an art in itself. Although, there are many companies offering such applications at lower rate but one company which is offering this application at most affordable prices and best of all features in ipad pos, is SalesVu.

SalesVU is one of the best prices mobile payment solutions to its clients and bestows the quality mobile phone applications. Some of the major reasons which force mobile workforce to get associated with SalesVu are mentioned below:


  • Can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store.
  • Offers both iPhone and iPad programmes.
  • Option of bar scanning through the application
  • Sends an email receipt immediately after the transaction is done.
  • Free card reader is provided to mobile workers who choose to process credit cards transaction

Hence, it can be rightly said that SalesVU is one of the best means to get payment applications on iPhone and iPad as it helps you to be more than just a mobile application provider and bestows you the best business payment solutions.

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