1. Apple Tablet.

It’s a tablet computer that can surf the Web and play music and videos.

2. Xbox Project Natal

If you come to love the Xbox 360, then wait until you get hold of the Xbox Project Natal. Here, the gamer is required to use his entire body to do actions like punch or kick rather than a joypad. It uses a TV mounted camera to track the gamer’s body movements and then translates them to 3D representation on screen. For sure, this will be a big hit to those Xbox lovers who are looking for something new this year. Set to be out before the holidays, the Xbox Project Natal will be released in late November 2010.

3. Google Phone Nexus One

If you are fascinated by high-end phones, then you should not miss the Google Phone. Also dubbed as Nexus One, this device is slightly different from the rest because of its graphics at the back and the piece of tape covering a QR code. It also boasts an updated OS that features 3D elements to the app tray and extended amount of homescreens. Then try to press the new grid icon located at the bottom of the homescreen and you’ll be amazed at the webOS card-style preview of all homescreen pages that will appear. Really interesting!

4. Microsoft Courier

Want to keep track of your appointments, to-do lists, and contacts in a techie way? Then, this is the gadget for you. The Microsoft Courier functions mainly by keeping track of your appointments, to-do lists, etc. It is also made to be flexible so you can create original sketches and drawings using MS Paint. Plus, with this device, you can snap photos, browse the web, take notes, and clip text and images from Internet pages. And guess what? It functions as an e-reader too.

5. Optimus Tactus Keyboard

This is not your ordinary keyboard. The difference of the Optimus Tactus includes: no physical keys, has programmable keyboard surface, and can be switched from typing mode to video mode. Amazing, isn’t it?