It is very important to increase site traffic because site visitors are core part for any site to become successful.So here are some tips to increase your site traffic. Hope these will help you.

Tips to increase site traffic/visitor:

1: Use of meta tags:
Meta tags help in almost doubling your site traffic .For example, suppose, you are just a new blogger and receiving almost 300 hits/ visitors per day without use of meta tags…then after use of meta tags, you’ll receive your daily visitors around 550-600.

The two things to be followed in using meta tags are:

a. Meta tags content should be most relevant to your site and

b. Meta tags should contain popular keywords which will drive heavy traffic to your site.

If you are using meta tags, but not receiving good traffic, then  just recheck your meta tag content and optimize it as explained above.

2.Use of approapriate keywords:
If you want to receive good amount of traffic/visitors from search engines, then you should have good search position in search engine results possibly in 1-20 positions. For this, use of meta tags alongwith good concentration of keywords in articles is necessary. This concentration of keywords should be optimum as overuse may lead to penalization by search engines as you are considered a spammer. You can use good “keyword detection tool” to know the approapriate keywords to be used. Even Google adwords perfectly serves this purpose which can be found at:

Google adwords
Just find your proper keywords and then sprinkle these keywords in your article. Remember to add decent amount of keywords at start and end of article. This helps you in achieving good position in search engine results.

3. Submit articles to directories:
Submitting articles to directories help us in increasing site visitors/hits in two ways:

a.we receive visitors from the directories itself ie if you submit your article to say ezine articles directory, then you are bound to receive visitors from “ezine articles”.

b. The second reason is actually more important and that is Pagerank(PR). Articles submission helps in improving your site PR as it helps in increasing your pagerank. Larger the pagerank, larger the site traffic.

Here’s is a list of directories which use the most:

4. Social bookmarking:

Nowadays, every netizen is well approached with this term. But it wiil definetly help you to get good traffic.

5. Feeds:

Feeds are actually meant for attracting traffic by just allowing them to read your articles or only titles and they’ll visit your site to read the full content. Also, feeds is popular medium to remind visitors of new articles. So ask your visitors to subscribe to your feeds.

6.Title optimisation:
Title optimisation is essential. Also, take care that your blog/site title contains most popular keywords relevant to your site.
After you will implement on all these tricks, I am sure that you will get the traffic you dream of. Remember, search engine optimisation is never ending process. But, it is necessary that you start well and in the right way to increase your site traffic/visitors.