I am Abhijit Karak, Working as a Flash Designer in VarshylTech.My Company started philanthropy activity in which we collect money from VarshylTech Employees. And the Employee gives that sum of amount to a stranger. A stranger whom we think as a needful person. Moreover, I was the second one.

My Adventurous story of Philanthropy starts on Sunday, 16th May; 2010.Our HR gave me a sum of 2550 INR.
Sunday Evening I went Sarojini Nagar Market for buying some summer garments. In the market I saw two boys and their mother sold beautiful Clay pots & others designs made by clay. I saw the designs and heard the voice from that poor family. They forced to buy their clay pots. And they told 1 month ago a super cyclone has damaged their house in Kisangani Jalpaiguri Westbengal. In this cyclone, she lost her Husband (Harish Thakur). I asked them right now, where you stay. They told Delhi Footpath is their temporary house. I asked why you come to Delhi. They told some relative is here in Delhi.They have some materials of clay pots. They are trying to sell and earn some money for the livelihood of their family. Then I told them My Company “Varshyl Tech” launches a new step to help someone. So I want to help you, Have you any problem? The three persons saw me and stopped. I asked their name one by one. The boy introduces their breaking family. Then I gave Rs.2550 to the family. The three persons stopped suddenly and their mother said me god bless you. I asked them how they will use this money. They told after one month we’ll have sufficient food.

Sanjit Thakur (14), Rajiv Thakur (8), Harish Thakur-42 (Father), Bina Thakur-35 (Mother).

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