I am Kumar Abhishek,Working as a Lead Drupal Developer in VarshylTech.My company started philanthropy in which we collect money from VarshylTech Employee and company double that amount. And the Employee gives that sum of amount to a stranger. A stranger whom we think as a needful person. And I was the first person who was chosen to start it.

My Adventurous story of Philanthropy starts on Thursday, 27th April, 2010.Our HR gave me a sum of 2900 INR,I took that money very casually ,many of our colleagues has the same feeling like me that we are the most needful person and we deserve to keep it in our pocket (a general human behavior).On Friday night returning from my office, I took an auto rickshaw, I queried Autowala till my journey ended. He said that he want some money for his daughter wedding. He even told me to arrange it from my company and he will also pay the interest for that. I further asked his daily income which was 1000 INR. And I did not find him the deserving candidate, as for me he was encouraging dowry system. Next day (i.e. on Saturday), Again some evil feelings came into my minds like why to give others whom we don’t know. Till Sunday I did not given it to anyone. But on Monday morning, I decided to give it to a rickshaw puller, and get rid of this burden. I was on leave that day, I went to my relative and coming back from there, I took a rickshaw from Rajnigandha Chowk at Sec-16 Noida to Sec-19, Noida.In between the journey I asked few things about him and his family. He said his name is Sachin Sarkar. His native place is Malda, West Bengal. He has two sons and a daughter. Both of his sons working in a factory. His wife is also working. I asked him what he will do if I will give him 2900 INR. He took it very casually that time. He said “I have never ever in my life given complete ration to my family,So, I will purchase it”. I also asked he is drunker or something he said it as expected NO. Then I finally decided to give that money to him. When I step down from his rickshaw I gave that money to him. He came up with a strange expression. And He asked “Are you from any reality TV show?”. I laughed and said “no” and elaborated the mission of my company. He was overwhelmed with that with tears in his eyes he said “Sir, you people are great” and he leaned to touch my feet. I stopped him. I was speechless at that time and same he was. He told me to drop me to my home. I did not accept his favor.

The whole scene was like moving around me, I will never forget this wonderful experience. But I will never ever want to get into such kind of situation. Because if you donate from your side. It is all your will but if it became a responsibility of trust of so many people then it’s a big burden at your head. It’s like overcoming your greed and to think beyond your needful boundaries.