Components of SEO

Components: There are three major components of search engine optimization that you should keep in mind and incorporate into any web design, written Web page content, coded HTML, and programming scripts for your site. 1. Keywords and Phrases – To optimize your site, you must strategically select and place words or phrases into your Web [...]


Basic of SEO…contd

Page Rank PageRank is in some ways related to link popularity, but the calculation is dependant on the quality and strength of the links your site obtained, not just the number of links. So, first question that comes into your mind is how does one go about building and increasing their Page Rank?. It is [...]


Basic of SEO

Introduction Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy which is used to increase a website visibility to the millions of people who look for information and various services on the Internet with the help of different search engines available on the internet. Search engine optimization helps rank your company/website among the top search [...]

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