Page Rank

PageRank is in some ways related to link popularity, but the calculation is dependant on the quality and strength of the links your site obtained, not just the number of links. So, first question that comes into your mind is how does one go about building and increasing their Page Rank?. It is not as difficult as some may think, but surely require some research and effort.

Types of Linking:
Internal linking : This also plays a factor in the Page Rank of the pages within a site. The linking structure within the site should follow the themed approach to internal linking, which stresses importance on minimizing linking between 2nd and 3rd level directories and pages. Since the internal linking of your site plays a factor, not in increasing PR, but in sharing the PR of the site, and the dilution of your keyword strength and theme, it is important to review the internal linking structure of your site. Then there are modifications that could be made to improve the site’s internal linking.
External linking : is the largest factor in determining PageRank, and is the place where you have the least control. There is no way to force another web master to link to your site, especially when they already have a high PageRank. For this reason and many more, increasing your PageRank is difficult, but important nonetheless. When contacting other websites to link to your site in the attempt to build and increase your Page Rank, these web pages that you are requesting a link from should be relevant and of the same theme and market of the page that you are requesting they link to. Perform a search for your target keyword in Google, ODP, and Yahoo to start, and check the top 40 ranking sites. contact them and request that they link to your site. Be prepared for them to ask for a reciprocal link.

Your website and pages within your site must meet certain criteria for this to work, with one piece being the most important: the site and pages within your site must be quality content that people will actually want to link up to. This is one of the basic points of