EBay, PayPal sue Google over trade secrets

NEW YORK (Reuters) – EBay and its online payment unit, PayPal Inc, on Thursday sued Google Inc and two executives for stealing trade secrets related to mobile payment systems. The two executives, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, were formerly with PayPal and led the launch on Thursday of Google’s own mobile payment system in partnership [...]


6 Tips to increase site traffic

It is very important to increase site traffic because site visitors are core part for any site to become successful.So here are some tips to increase your site traffic. Hope these will help you. Tips to increase site traffic/visitor: 1: Use of meta tags: Meta tags help in almost doubling your site traffic .For example, [...]


Types of Link

To make links for a website is a major part of Search Engine Optimization campaign. Website Linking means having other sites pointing to your site. It is basically a process of building backlinks to your site. This process of link building really helps in your website getting indexed in all major search engines like Google, [...]


Calculating Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is expressed as a percentage. To calculate bounce rate, take the number of single-page visits and divide by the total number of visits, then multiply by 100. Vsp = Visit of Singe Page/Single time Vt = Visit of Total page If, on one day, a page receives 240 visits and 160 are bounces, [...]


Link Building/Link Popularity

Page Rank is the measure of importance Google assigns to a Web page on a scale of 1 to 10. You can check the PageRank value of every page you visit by downloading the Google Toolbar. Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, formulated a Search Engine algorithm that shifted the ranking weight to off-page [...]


Common search engine principles

To understand SEO you need to be aware of the architecture of search engines. They all contain the following main components: Spider – a browser-like program that downloads web pages. Crawler – a program that automatically follows all of the links on each web page. Indexer – a program that analyzes web pages downloaded by [...]


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