Now the rainy season has started.The weather is pleasant. But in this nice and cool weather we have to face some common problems .Rains could spell doom for your mobile phone or any electronic appliance if it comes in contact with the device’s circuits. At times, this occurs in spite of all precautions. Well, in case you are in such a situation, where you think water may have entered your cell phone, here are a few steps you could follow to save your phone from permanent damage.

Some of the points mentioned below can be followed in case of other gadgets as well.

1. Get the phone out of water as soon as possible

This is the first thing you should do. Get your phone to a dry place. Get it out of your rain soaked pants or jeans and place it out in a dry place. If this is not possible, shield your phone and follow the next step.

2. Remove Battery

Open the phone and take out the battery. Do not bother about switching off the phone if you are out in the rain but do remember to shield the phone with your hand so that water doesn’t get into the battery compartment. If you are in a dry place then switch off the phone and take out the battery. Now you can be sure that the phone won’t short circuit and damage internal components.

3. Remove the SIM

Once home, take out the SIM as well. I didn’t ask you to do so earlier because chances of you misplacing the SIM are high. Removing the SIM may seem unnecessary to some, but it sure is important. The SIM is also part of a circuit. Breaking it is very much needed to save the connectors from damage.

4. Drying your phone

Well this is the next part wherein you dry the phone so that all the moisture is out and you could possibly continue using your phone like nothing ever happened to it. To get rid of the water, tap the phone dry with a piece of cloth.

The simplest way to dry the phone is to place it in the open for a couple of days. This way it will dry out but the process is very slow and there is a possibility of corrosion. Many people either have the phone placed under a table lamp or dry it with a hair dryer. Both these options will only do more damage than what the water could have done.

If you got a vacuum use that on a slow mode. This pulls the water out of the phone rather than push the water further in with the use of a hair dryer. After using the vacuum for about 15-20min leave the phone open on a napkin. The napkin will soak whatever water comes out. Put away the phone for about 2-3 hours.

5. Getting rid of Moisture

Next you need to get rid of the moisture in the phone. To do so we need a desiccant; which basically is a substance that absorbs moisture. Do not worry no one is asking you to head to a hardware shop or chemical shop and buy something. The easily available desiccant is rice – uncooked rice. Take a bowl full of rice and drop your phone in the bowl and close it. Leave the phone there for about 2-3hours.

6. Last leg of Drying

After all of the above steps it’s ideal to leave the phone to dry for a day but another 2-3hours on a napkin should do the trick.

7. Starting Up & Problems

Now you can go head and turn on your mobile. If you’re in luck your phone starts and doesn’t act up.

Screen showing lines
Some buttons not clicking
Phone not starting at all

For all such problems it’s now best to hand it over to the experts. You can try to open up your handset and dry each of its components, but that’s at your own risk.

If your earpiece or mouthpiece is acting up then you can try cleaning it with a brush. But not a toothbrush, as you’ll damage the speaker. Use a soft compound water paint brush or shoe polish brush.

Final Words

If you follow these steps, You can save your phone. Hope this information has been helpful. So take care of your gadgets while you enjoy the rains.