Kaspersky is a respected security firm who’s software is considered among the best.  Earlier this week, it released new versions of its security products (Internet Security 2012 and Antivirus 2012, although for some reason the U.S. site continues to sell the 2011 product). That’s not a problem. The problem is that those with existing keys can’t activate the new versions.

As noted on Kaspersky’s forum, people who have existing licenses which worked on their 2011 products cannot get the activation keys to work with the 2012 version. Instead they are greeted with the error message above.

Ironically, one of the new features that Kaspersky touts with its 2012 versions is improved activation. The email sent to subscribers includes the following sentence:

“Improved product activation. In Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 product activation, license purchasing and migration is too easy.”

Perhaps it’s too easy because it simply doesn’t work.

What’s still more ironic is that when the emails spotlighting the new versions went out to existing customers, forum posts indicated users were upset because the download links weren’t working.  In other words, customers were irritated because they couldn’t get the new software, and now that they have the software, the software won’t activate.