Microsoft launched its Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 globally, including in India, and said Silverlight 4 technology will be released later in the week.

Microsoft India has made its Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4, available. The company also announced that it would release Sliverlight 4 RTW later this week.Visual Studio is a widely-used developer tool and it would help in translating ideas into action, accelerate design and development.

Mr.Somasegar, senior vice president, Microsoft Corp. said that” technology advancements is happening at phenomenal pace and developers are worried about keeping up with the pace. Constant interruptions, limited collaboration, falling behind are some of the major problems that developers face. Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 mitigate these pain points and help developers to stay in zone, get current with effective team work.”

Features of Visual Studio:

New Editor, using Windows Presentation Foundation, which delivers a flexible feature-rich environment that supports concepts such as use of multiple monitors. This enables a developer to have one monit with code, another with the user interface designer and yet another with database structure

* Built-in support for Windows 7 multi touch and ‘ribbon’ interfaces.

* Integrated access to SharePoint functionality into the Visual Studio IDE

* Windows Azure tools to quickly develop, debug, test, and deploy cloud applications from familiar Visual
Studio environment

* Built-in support for ASP.NET model-view-controller

* Windows Phone 7 developers would be able to build applications using Visual Studio with integrated phone design surface

Visual Studio 2010 provides intelliTrace, a ‘time machine’ for developers and testers, is aimed at making non-reproducible bugs virtually a thing of the past by recording the application’s execution history and providing reproduction of the reported bug, enabling the tester to help squash the bug once and for all.

The .NET Framework 4 offers more language support for high performance middle-tier applications including parallel programming, and side by side installation with .NET Framework 3.5.

New features in Silverlight 4 include extended out-of-browser capabilities, enhancements for enterprise application developers, and more than 60 customizable pre-written controls to quickly build rich, interactive applications. Silverlight developers can now write their applications once and optimize for multiple scenarios to deliver engaging, high-quality experiences through all major browsers on Mac, Windows, and now Linux client operating systems with Novell Inc.’s Moonlight project.