Philanthropy can be described in many ways. It is caring and sharing. It is giving and serving. It is our individual response to the human need . We want to help poor or person who is in real need of money. Varshyltech always comes up with a new and innovative ideas. We have so many Charitable firms and helping Aids organizations in our country. We can take help of such organizations and the amount collected can be given to them but our motto is to give money who is in need of it. So I have decided that I will give the money to two needy persons and ask a question if you get a certain amount of money what you will do with it if we are satisfied with the answer we will give that amount to the stranger. Stranger can be anybody He/She can be from any part of the world. This time the stranger was my priest wife , who expired two months back because of jaundice and she is having two kids who are very small so I thought that some amount I should give to her .

Then next day when i  went to the slum area where I have saw a kid who was picking garbage , then I asked him where you live then he take me to his place where I have saw his father sleeping , so I asked what you do , he said I am a worker but nowadays I am not well and suffering from T.B. so I have given some amount to him by that he can buy medicines for him. So he was happy that he can spend some amount on himself.