Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations. We want to help poor or person who is in real need of money.Varshyltech always comes up with a new and innovate ideas. We have so many Charitable firms and helping Aids organizations in our country. We can take help of such organizations and the amount collected can be given to them but our motto is to give money who is in need of it. So we have decided that we will give the money to strangers and ask a question if you get a certain amount of money what you will do with it if we are satisfied with the answer we will give that amount to the stranger. Stranger can be anybody He/She can be from any part of the world. This time the stranger was our Office Guard, Many times we noticed that he is not having a fan in his room and still he is managing with the Delhi Hot and Humid temperature. So we decided if we help a guard by giving a certain amount he can buy the fan it would be really helpful to him, but as we always do we ask the question and found out that his financial condition is very bad and hardly  he is managing the things. So our philanthropy act this time helps the office guard and we can see smile on his face. It was a little contribution from our Varshyltech family but our little combined effort help the person who really needs it and we are satisfied that amount given to a person is in right hand and right use.250520105432