PHP is now considered to be the most trendy web programming language. The biggest advantage of PHP is that, it is an open source platform. This helps in dropping cost and time for any web developing organization. Organization yearning to build a website or a web based application that will not only give a user friendly experience but also run your database. PHP is judged to be one of the best web programming languages and is extensively chosen since its foundation in 1995. This is the faultless choice of program if the client wants the project to be incorporated with a database.

The most excellent part of PHP is that it is an open source web development framework. It has all built-in developments that make it an absolute web application developing program for any prerequisite. PHP adds the winning frame over its competitors such as .Net and java which are also giants in the web development industry. PHP is considered to be the most popular and trendy web programming language. The biggest benefit is that, it is an open source platform. This helps in dipping cost and time for any web developing company.

Today, most of the companies favor a dynamic website where the content can be modified and updated sporadically. The web world was missing such websites. This appears to be a terrible to all programming languages and it made things inferior when the client demanded an SEO friendly website. The birth of PHP as a dynamic web programming language finished the issue of a website being static all the time. Each version that was released, improved the performance and security of the internet programming language.

Features of PHP Development are:

* PHP decreases the lines of code radically. This helps the quality assertion team when the testing procedure is done.
* The applications are protected and locked like never before.
* The websites built using PHP boost performance and assures to be consistent and user friendly.
* PHP being an open source language is a massive advantage. This decreases cost and time to build an application or a website.
* Websites built using PHP not only helps the developers, but also the website owners. The website is easy to sustain and further developments can be executed since the language PHP uses is of international principles.