The company PQI announced the launch of a new product that is supposedly intended to be the first 2.5-inch portable hard drive in the market incorporating the new standard for connection of peripherals: USB 3.0 (Superspeed). Inside a metallic case with a minimal size and with a theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 5Gbps (10 times faster than USB 2.0), this hard drive is available in three versions with different storage capacities: 320GB, 500GB, and 640GB.

The PQI H566 is a portable hard drive with a 2.5-inch format and support for USB 3.0. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0. The unit has a metallic protective case and weighs 200 grams. Its dimensions are 128 x 82.5 x 17 millimeters.

With a theoretical bandwidth of 480Mbps, the data transfer rate is increased up to ten times when it is compared to the USB 2.0 standard. The hard drive includes software for Windows systems; in particular: “Free Ur-Smart” for documents administration and “Free Ur Foretress” to protect your data by using AES256 encryption technology (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard).

Other features like HDD SATA II Interface, hot-swapping, and plug-and-play are also included.