1. To prevent cyber stalking avoid disclosing any information pertaining to oneself. This is as good as disclosing your identity to strangers in public place.

2. Always avoid sending any photograph online particularly to strangers and chat friends as there have been incidents of misuse of the photographs.

3. Always use latest and up date anti virus software to guard against virus attacks.

4. Always keep back up volumes so that one may not suffer data loss in case of virus contamination.

5. Never send your credit card number to any site that is not secured, to guard against frauds.

6. Always keep a watch on the sites that your children are accessing to prevent any kind of harassment or depravation in children.

7. It is better to use a security programme that gives control over the cookies and send information back to the site as leaving the cookies unguarded might prove fatal.

8. Web site owners should watch traffic and check any irregularity on the site. Putting host-based intrusion detection devices on servers may do this.

9. Use of firewalls may be beneficial.

10. Web servers running public sites must be physically separate protected from internal corporate network.