What is Kabaadiwala.com?

Kabaadiwala.com is a platform that caters to junk seller and buyer that is the first of its kind. With our network of waste managers (aka Kabaadiwalas), we help to user to sell of their household junk/second hand goods and/or industries to sell their junk/old machineries etc. Imagine you have old refrigerator or TV that you want to sell but don’t know how to sell it, we help you sell these second hand goods and on top of on every transaction (selling junk or goods) you earn some loyalty points which you can later redeem for gifts. This means that you’ll actually be able to earn money from your junk and get gifts too.

About Us

Kabaadiwala.com started in late 2009 based on a simple target: How can we organize the junk recycling and disposal market. As of now there is no organized way in which junk is handled in our country. We are the Waste Managers to make you the Home Managers.

Why Kabaadiwala.com?

Convenience:In current scenario, every individual seeks his convenience. Considering that, we are here with this site (i.e. http://www.kabaadiwala.com) that helps you to manage your scrap (household as well as industrial waste) efficiently and effectively.

Time Saving: Listing on Kabaadiwala.com saves your time that you may run off in search of scrap managers (aka Kabaadiwala) at your locality.

Security: At Kabaadiwala.com we have the registered Kabaadiwalas in our network. This ensures that no one can breach any customer or client. We can track those Kabaadiwala that may harm our client by any means.

Accuracy: Kabaadiwala.com ensures that accurate weight of the scrap is presented to the client.

True Value: Kabaadiwala.com presents the expected value to the customer.

Multiple Options: Kabaadiwala.com is the first Indian Site on Scrap Management that deals with Household /Industrial Scraps and Second hand goods.

So, HURRY! Register with us today! And we will help you manage your junk or sell second hand goods.


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