eTable – POS

eTable POS (Point of Sale) is an innovative application developed for DigiXL. It is first in India and will change the how you order your food in restaurants. The Application is intuitive that can control the management process. Characteristics of the application are as follows:

•  Easily update and edit names, images and product descriptions.
•  Create and edit menus of food and drink.
• Instantly create menus of paper and a direct copy of the website management system.
• Update images and patterns with direct upload from computer to change the appearance of tables.
• Create new permanent and seasonal sets of images and patterns.
• Create custom settings and apply any combination of themes, menus, pictures and patterns, groups of tables in the system.
• Change menus based on the day of the week, season, time of day, special events.
• Can be connected to a control program which can generate the invoice.
• Able to easily update and edit the name, image and product description, product photos and prices.


Technologies Used