learn Italian Language


Edilingua Editions is a Publishing House worldwide leader in teaching Italian as a foreign language. I-d-e-e it a portal for learning Italian.

This is the most simple, unique and one of its own kind portal for the people who wants to learn Italian Language.

According to the latest research, it was found out that the easiest and the fastest way of learning is by playing. This site provides different packs, containing different activities, which will help an individual in fast learning of the language. This e-learning is made fun by the new HTML5 drop & drag activities.

All you have to do is to select the Pack according to your area of interest and have fun.

Italian Language Learning was not so much FUN before . . . !!

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1. Secure Payment Gateway.
2. HTML5 based Website.
3. Drag ‘N’ Drop Activities.
4. Flexible timings.
5. Play the activity any number of times.
6. Pro education layout
7. Mobile friendly
URL: www.i-d-e-e.it


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