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Iron Networks

Iron Networks builds turnkey converged cloud infrastructure platforms on industry-standard hardware that are optimized for faster, easier and more reliable hybrid cloud deployments. These cloud platforms make cost effective and scalable solutions for enterprises and service providers building both private clouds for their own internal use, and public clouds for offering hosted cloud services.

Iron Networks provides customers pre-configured and pre-validated platforms for both general IaaS and specialized workloads, while significantly reducing both the cost and time of deploying these technologies. With years of experience and expertise in both hardware and software solutions with a unified converged approach, and end to end support services, Iron Networks is an ideal choice for service providers and enterprises looking to rapidly grow their cloud infrastructures. Cloud service builders globally now have an alternative choice to deploying expensive tier one solutions, or unsupported commodity solutions for their cloud infrastructures.

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Technology Used: Drupal, HTML5

Key Highlights

1. Clean User interface
2. Industry standard site design
3. Blog installation
4. News & even feed
5. Responsive website design
6. Value Added Features
7. Scheduled delivery of project

Technologies Used