Max Neeman

Max Neeman International is one of the largest medical service groups in the world and is considered the best CRO (Contract Research Organization). The group provides clinical data management,  medical writing and medical device trials services for Biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

It is portal done for Max group where they store all the procedures for their clinical research and analysis. It was developed in Drupal with Advanced Access level management where Admin head can manage different access roles and grant access to different section of the portal. It has a inbuilt CMS for content addition and upgrade where text, PDF’s and presentation can be added and managed. It also serves as a E-learning portal where users can access these documents to learn about different process/procedures.

Technology Used: Drupal, JQuery, PHP, CSS, Photoshop, HTML5

Key Highlights

1. Industry Specific development
2. Drupal CMS integration
3. Drupal Portal Maintenance
4. Secured Admin control
5. Descriptive banner designing
6. Mobile friendly site design
7. Auto News feed
8. Timely project delivered


Technologies Used