When your goal is to be found on upper part of first Search engine result pages, defeating your well established competitors, think your search end at Varshyl Technologies. Every business website needs huge traffic to be successful and this happened with nAppliance, after the SEO strategies applied by our team.
nAppliances builds turnkey windows-based appliances for Network Security and Infrastructure and its Net Gateway series provides customers a secure web gateway and secure remote access, while significantly reducing the cost of deploying these technologies on a familiar Windows platform.
Before nAppliance tied-up with Varshyl Technologies for its SEO services, the search and the ranking was a BIG challenge for the company and VT did rise to the occasion. Visit Website

Ranking was not found in Search with their targeted keywords
Design was good but not seo friendly
Low Link Popularity
Very dim social media presence

SEO Strategy:
Increasing Link Popularity (Articles Distribution, Press Release)
On page optimization to make SEO friendly website (Image optimization, Site Structure modification, Content Optimization)
Increase website Popularity through Social Media

Increase no. of index page
Clicks/day – 500 to 1000 (According to Google Webmaster Report)
Google Ranking status already showing in Screen-shot (most of the keywords ranking on first page normally on under #5)

Optimize for Search Engine