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From enterprise level data management systems through to web 2.0 startups we are a uniquely talented team that works hard to solve your most complicated business and web problems.


All of the applications detailed below have been developed to the highest standard using agile project management methodologies. We add value across the board from advising how best to acquire new customers for your start up, through to guiding you on how to implement a technically complex feature.


If you have any question about a specific website/CMS customization/Payment Gateway or software project, or wish to speak with our team in more detail about how we might be able to assist you please  GET in TOUCH. We will never disappoint you!

  • iron1
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Irontouch is powered by Drupal 7, with features like ability to manage soluions, customer spotlights, client/partners logo through clean and easy admin area (customized admin theme). The website also has a blog and library area, that has documents and recordings for user that can downloaded and viewed.
Pin Your Space
  • ius-1
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  • ius-3
  • ius-4
Pin Your Space is ecommerce web application that has wide range Furniture, Lighting, Home Decor products. Products are categorized based on the brands including Arteriors, Noir, Oly Studio etc. The application also has section 'Trends' that showcase the latest trends in the furniture, lighting, home decor etc. Drupal and Ubercart powers this ecommerce site and  is integrated with paypal and payment gateways and everything is seamlessly built.
HelPls : Social Cause
  • screen-app
Many people and international companies have tried and created solutions   (like BSafe, Panicgaurd, Bipper) for this but none have started with   India and Indian network in mind where many many have cell phones but   not all have always on Network Connectivity. HelPls is an application   designed with high compatibility to suit most of the cell phones   available today.
eTable – POS
  • etable-1
  • etable-2
  • etable-3
eTable (POS) is an innovative AIR based application, a first in India and will change the how you order your food in resturants.
HT Summit
  • HT-1
  • HT-2
  • HT-3
We were challenged to develop application in flat 7 days for HT Leadership summit 2007 - application was to installed in Kiosk that were to be installed in key locations across 4 metros. Varshyl rose to the challenge and developed HT Summit AIR based application that allowed user visiting Kiosk to record their voice/video and ask question/share views with the leader invited to HT leadership summit.
Test Manager
  • ™-3
  • ™-2
  • ™-1
Test Manager is AIR based application developed for CyberMedia to help Teacher create interactive tests for students. Application also allows teacher to create OMR test sheet and get them scanned using a normal scanner.
Health and Beauty Books
  • H&B-1
  • H&B-3
  • H&B-2
Health and Beauty Books offer training books and resources to the health and beauty industry and an authorised reseller of books for beauty therapists, hairdressers, nail technicians, holistic therapists and health professionals from all the leading health and beauty publishers and organisations. It offers range of health and beauty training books and resources that meet the requirements of the leading examination bodies and accreditation both in the UK, Ireland and worldwide for students taking courses in hair, beauty, holistics and health/nutrition.
Beauty Finder
  • beautyfinder-1
  • beautyfinder-2
  • beautyfinder-3
Beauty Finder is a beauty directory with over 6,500 hair and beauty salons & spas, beauty therapists, beauty therapy training schools and colleges, beauty wholesalers, holistic therapists & suppliers of leading beauty brands throughout the UK & Ireland reviewed by you. They offer a great choice of beauty salons and related businesses listed, one can find the most comprehensive range of beauty therapists & salons and clinics offering a wide range of beauty treatments.
Scholastic Expeditions
  • se1
  • se2
Are you bored of being at one place all the time, in school or in office or at home? Are you bored of your daily's monotonous schedule? Have you ever imagined yourself face to face with the most beautiful places of nature? Have you ever thought of exploring the Wild and Adventurous side of your nature? Have you ever thought of going to an adventurous outing but find yourself short of visiting sites and management? If the answers to all the above questions is YES, then this is the right page you have come to.We are one of the oldest in this business in Costa Rica, and we know all the exotic places of the city in & out. Wether you are a Student or a teacher or an office person, we are here to serve at our best.
  • sz1
  • sz2
  • sz3
Have you ever been in the dilemma about buying the perfect clothing style and size for your friend on their birthday?   Have you ever wished to buy the perfect size shoes for your brother?   Have you ever wished, you would have known the style of cloths your sister/friend/relative prefers to wear?   If your answer to all these questions is YES, then now it’s no time to worry. With SizeMob, you can actually know about the style, size and variety, of the people you care about.   This is an app which cares about what you need, where you need, when you need. Browse & Create your own catalog of different Brands you prefer and share it with your loved ones and let them know about your choices & sizes.    
SMS – System Management Software
  • lt1
  • lt2
  • lt3
Varshyl Technologies worked with L&T to built System Management Software that would automate their fault reporting process and help them track the complete life cycle of an equipment. Varshyl Technologies worked closely with many teams at L&T and visited their project site to understand their working to built SMS.
  • appbackr1
  • appbackr2
  • appbackr3
Brilliant idea with a perfect execution: Client came to us with an idea to built a portal that could help app startups to raise easy round of funding from the crowd. The portal has a lot of complex modules built in but it has such a easy navigation and interface that users don't tend to feet how heavily loaded it is. The execution has been so brilliant that the portal caught a lot of media attention and was featured in Gigaom, New york times, Venture beat etc.
  • nappliance_1
  • nappliance_2
  • nappliance_3
When your goal is to rank your website with the highest searches in this highly competitive world, then here at Varshyl Technologies, ends your search. Every business site needs traffic to be successful and this what happened with nAppliance, after the SEO strategies by Varshyl Technologies. nAppliances builds turnkey windows-based appliances for Network Security and Infrastructure and its Net Gateway series provides customers a secure web gateway and secure remote access, while significantly reducing the cost of deploying these technologies on a familiar Windows platform.
  • SalesVu_1
  • SalesVu_2
CBS Roofing
  • cbsroofing_2
  • cbsroofing_3
BPTP Smart App
  • bptp-1
  • bptp-2
  • bptp-3
Enterprise app:   Varshyl Technologies worked with BPTP to built their Intranet portal that combined data from their existing isolated system to display on their portal. Project involved building sync services to get data from their various applications and merging and presenting it in a useful manner.    
  • santulit-1
  • santulit-2
  • santulit-3
  • santulit-4
Client Installs HVAC systems in the offices and residences and wanted a web based system which the customer can use to check the temperature of the rooms in the building using a heat map and ability to adjust the temperature of the rooms without being present in the building itself. This complex system has a very simple user interface as client customers were majorly non techies.   Key Highlights 1. Flex graphs implemented to generate Heat maps of each floor and room 2. Easy Temperature management system with reminders and alerts 3. Log and Audit trail for client to check the usage by customers 4. Automated Data backups
  • leafware1
  • leafware2
  • leafware3
Client is a maker of natural crockery with focus on the ecologically safe and sustainable products. Client wanted a site with colors hat could match with the business theme and a clean product catalog which could display all the products. Site has a Product management system, a payment gateway and a Content Management System integrated to the back office. Key Highlights: 1. Clean User Interface 2. Product management system with ability to add discounts and coupons. 3. Payment Gateway Integration 4. Turnaround time less than 3 months    
Virtual e Tutors
  • vet1
  • vet2
e-Learning, the smartest way of studying on the move. The relation between a student and the tutor is made of very strong bond. At this point of time, it is present in schools and other educational Institutes. But now, it is time to take this bonding to all new level, to the level of Virtual World, to the level of e-Learning. To study, all a student needs is the right Study Material and an appropriate Tutor. VirtualeTutor is the one stop portal where a student can find all he need to study, the place where he can find the best tutor and the best study material from around the globe. All they need to do is to sign up on the friendly website and start the process of teaching and getting taught.
  • ts1
  • ts2
  • ts3
TapSmack, the new and innovate platform for the young and the old people to share their ideas, creations or thoughts with the world. At this platform, the idea generators can launch their campaigns and accordingly the artist will connect to them & both can work in collaboration. This is a place to turn your ideas into a reality.   This is a unique and one of its kind places where, completely unknown people sharing the same idea and innovation can actually meet and work together for their growth.   So, all you have to do is to sign up at this website and start Smacking the world with your innovative ideas and make new collaborations around the world.