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Prestige LifeStraw

TTK Prestige is a reputed brands for household items. It provides innovative kitchen accessories. LifeStraw SA is a Swiss company that excelled itself in water purification technology. Nearly one billion people benefit from its products. In this collaboration of two giants, TTK Prestige in association with LifeStraw SA, presents the Prestige® LifeStraw® water filter. The company has won various international awards for excellence in design and technology.

The website is very informative. Here a user who wants to buy any product available in the online store, will be familiar with ins & outs of the appliance. All process and build were illustrated well on the website. Apart from it, there is a section where articles are compiled from various reliable sources like UNICEF and WHO etc. A visitor can read more information about pure drinking water and other hygiene friendly household appliance.

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Technology Used: Joomla, JQuery, CSS, Photoshop, HTML5,

Key Highlights

1. Theme customization
2. Responsive design
3. Online store integration
4. Easy Search facility
5. Map and video insertion
6. Seo featured design
7. Mobile compatible site
8. Project delivered before scheduled time

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