Client Installs HVAC systems in the offices and residences and wanted a web based system which the customer can use to check the temperature of the rooms in the building using a heat map and ability to adjust the temperature of the rooms without being present in the building itself. This complex system has a very simple user interface as most of client’s customers were non techies.

Technology Used: CakePHP, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Key Highlights

1. Flex graphs implemented to generate Heat maps of each floor and room
2. Easy Temperature management system with reminders and alerts
3. Log and Audit trail for client to check the usage by customers
4. Automated Data backups

Technologies Used
Project Testimonial
Varshyl Tech has done an amazing job on delivering a complex portal. We were ‘pixel picky’ and really challenged the developers to produce exactly what the design guys had drawn. It took a lot of iterations and we could see that the team was spending more cycles than they had planned but Jack and the business guys did not transfer any cost overruns to us. It is the first time ever that we have sent a bonus to a contractor for a fixed price job.   Kudos to Harish and the team for job well done.
Deepinder Singh