Have you ever been in the dilemma about buying the perfect clothing style and size for your friend on their birthday?

Have you ever wished to buy the perfect size shoes for your brother? Have you ever wished, you would have known the style of cloths your sister/friend/relative prefers to wear?

If your answer to all these questions is YES, then now it’s no time to worry. With SizeMob, you can actually know about the style, size and variety, of the people you care about.

This is an app which cares about what you need, where you need, when you need. Browse & Create your own catalogue of different Brands you prefer and share it with your loved ones and let them know about your choices & sizes.

You can also browse the different stores of the preferred Brands & can buy the stuff.

So just check the website or login through your Facebook account.

Key Highlights:
1. You can create your own Catalogue.
2. Browse the sizes of your friends.
3. Check the brands & the brand stores & start shopping.
4. Web & Mobile Integrated.

Technologies Used