SMS – System Management Software

Varshyl Technologies worked with L&T to build System Management Software that would automate their fault reporting process and help them track the complete life cycle of an equipment. We worked closely with many teams at L&T and visited their project site to understand their working to build the system management software.

L&T O&M  division creates and manages a lot of Highway projects across the country. Each day hundred’s of fault occur at each site which need to be recorded and resolved within a time frame. Currently the process was carried on a sheet of paper which was inefficient and needed to be automated. The purpose of this project was to develop Web based software solutions that may be able to track efficiently the updated status of equipment of each of its projects. It shall automate the fault reporting process. This shall help the team at the O&M Centre to respond faster to the problems at the site. It shall also serve to be asset management software where the equipment are captured with their serial numbers and recorded for any change in their status, therefore the complete life cycle of equipment is recorded.


Key Highlights

1. Access level Management based on User roles

2. Inventory Management

3. Vendor Management

4. Drill Down reports with charts to analyze data.

5. Developed in less than a year.

Technologies Used