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We specialize in solving software needs for small businesses, we can tackle any project you may have. Why are we so confident? Because 21 years of collective programming experience in Hi-tech, Start-up, ISP, Insurance, non-profit and service industry companies separates the professionals from the amateurs. Our success includes projects for competitive medium sized businesses to half billion dollars portfolio companies. We offer creation and support, e-commerce and database solutions, custom software, internet programming, innovative search engine and proprietary search functionalities multimedia, consulting services for your business and software needs.


We understand that every customer has unique needs and desires. We can develop the software on the basis of the customer’s functional specification. It is also possible for us to create something completely new based upon the customer’s general ideas. We work closely with every customer to ensure that the software created is the software you need.


Databases are commonly referred to the keys to the kingdom: meaning that once they are compromised, all the valuable data that is stored there could fall into the hands of the attacker

Security of databases can be defined as preventing unauthorized or accidental disclosure, alteration, or destruction of data [2]. In addition, the confidentiality of data that exists in the database must be considered, as should the availability of that data.


Our DBA/database designer consider all these factors
a. while designing the database, they keep in mind:
b. Access control: Preventing user from viewing/accessing what he not supposed to view/access
c. Roles
d. Data Integrity
e. Permission Model
f. Database backups…


Varshyl Tech know how important it is to have back up and secure business data. Our DBA/Database designer make sure your database is all backed up and secure.


We are your best choice if:

  • You have a project of average or high level of complexity
  • You know you own the source code
  • You have an idea and look for somebody to accomplish it
  • The quality and reliability are important for you
  • Your project has realistic budget
  • You want an ongoing support

Our company’s employees are creative people. They prefer to find solutions to interesting and difficult tasks. Every order is a challenge for us and we want to accomplish it to be proud of the results of our work.


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