Subsea Job Match

It is a job match portal for SubSea jobs. Users can register and create profile based on their profile. The portal uses an advanced algorithm to find suitable jobs for the profile holders. Once a suitable job is found, details of the same is sent to the user and he/she can then choose to apply or pass. If user chooses to apply, his/her CV is sent to recruiter and recruiter contacts the user. If the user is hired then portal is informed and there are stored benefits for the user. Portal is unique as it finds a real time job match along with engaging user and recruiter in discussion over the portal to understand the proposition better.

Technology Used: PHP, CakePHP, jQuery, HTML5

Key Highlights

1. Theme based portal development
2. Strong control panel
3. User friendly interface
4. Responsive website layout
5. Sliding Feedback panel
6. Social media integration
7. On time project delivery

Technologies Used