Drupal is an open source content management framework that eases quick development and maintenance for any kind of websites. It is reliable source to create a website on user's choice, by calling down community contributed modules, whether it is big or small, text, image or video based websites. Drupal was firstly introduced by Dries Buyaert at The University of Antwerp. Actually he and his colleagues wanted an internal messaging system for dorm room discussions. So the technique that Buyaert developed for this purpose, later it was known and got popularity with the name of Drupal. Nomination of Drupal The inventor of Drupal when tried to introduce the technology to the world, he wanted to purchase The meaning of Dorp in Dutch language is 'Village'. But by a historical typing mistake, he actually bought  When time came to release the software which made the community run he chose the name Drupal from the Dutch word ‘druppel’ meaning 'Drop'.
Varshyl projects that have used drupal
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