Vanity Show

The Vanity Show is the first show of its kind in Cardiff bringing the hair, beauty, fashion and well-being industries together to the public. They host a range of seminars and workshops from leading companies and professionals to promote well-being and offer masterclasses and tips on everything from make-up workshops to fashion and styling assistance.

The client provides an exciting day of pampering showcasing the latest beauty, fashion and wellbeing treatments and products from local companies in a fun and interactive environment, with education and enjoyment central to the show experience. Visitors can buy Online tickets for the the Show on website buy clicking the Buy Tickets options on the left.

Technology Used: Drupal, JQuery, CSS, Photoshop, HTML5

Key Highlights

1. Drupal theme development
2. Online reservation feature
3. User friendly Admin section
4. Payment gateway integration
5. Blog installation
6. Quick working search box
7. Auto updating twitter feed
8. Mobile friendly design
9. Search engine friendly
10. Scheduled project delivery

Technologies Used