Virtual e Tutors

Virtual e Tutors is an e-Learning website, that introduced the smartest way of studying through internet. The relation between a student and the tutor is made of very strong bond. At this point of time, it is present in schools and other educational Institutes. But now, it is time to take this bonding to all new level, to the level of Virtual World, to the level of e-Learning.

To study, all a student needs is the right Study Material and an appropriate Tutor.

VirtualeTutor is the one stop portal where a student can find all he need to study, the place where he can find the best tutor and the best study material from around the globe. All they need to do is to sign up on the friendly website and start the process of teaching and getting taught.

Technology Used: JQuery, .Net, MySQL

Key Highlights

1. Secure Payment Gateway
2. User friendly control panel
3. Easy searching system
4. No clash in Time Schedule
5. Time compatible around the world
6. Open & Private Classes available


Technologies Used