How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Why do I need a PPC Campaign?

You have just launched an ecommerce site or have just built your online presence and are looking to generate more traffic, leads and revenues from your web site. Like any offline business it takes time before users/people will know about your store or business and you start seeing more footfalls in your store, same is true with Online presence (here your website is your store) too. Either you wait and let your business grow organically where traffic will increase slowly and steadily, however just like you can run ads in newspapers and other channels for your offline store promotion, the same can be done for your Online store using Pay Per Click Campaign, commonly referred to as PPC campaign.

On the internet, if you have a comparatively weaker web presence in search engines, and a big part of your income depends on the customers who reach to you through websites, then PPC (pay per click) is the primary and the most popular way for advertisement online..

What is a PPC Campaign?

As PPC advertising has a direct connection to website traffic and your skill to get that traffic into revenue. The ad, in the form of search engine result, link or a banner, sends visitors to your website or on a page you fix according to your keywords. That page is called “Landing page” in the terminology of a PPC programme. A click on those ads is known as PPP (pay for performance advertising). If a user only sees your link, but does not click, this is called an impression. You are not charged until you did not get a click on your website.

Google adwords

When you opt for PPC advertising on Google Adwords or other Pay per click advertising, for getting maximum traffic and after that maximum profit from your advertisement expenses, PPC campaign management becomes essential for you. The PPC campaign tells you who comes to your website and which keyword has been used. Also it lets you know about the behaviour of visitors when they reach your site through advertising. These informations are vital for managing the PPC campaigns, and determine many things that give you:

  • Pure and genuine traffic
  • Idea of important keyword for your website
  • Visitor converting to customer
  • Increasing revenue through ads


Types of PPC Ads

There are many types of ad and you can choose any one that suits your business, service or product well. Have a look at below ad types used majorly.

  • Search – Text ads on Google search results
  • Display – Image ads on websites/Blogs or on Gmail
  • Video – Video ads on YouTube
  • Shopping – Product listings on Google

It is in PPC campaign management that your ad campaigns are evaluated, upgraded, improved, modified for better performance, shifted to attract a different market segment, and carefully analyzed against your competitors. So PPC campaigns must be managed every day.

PPC campaign management, includes many actions like:

  • Powerful strategy
  • Setting a budget
  • Setting goals
  • Bidding on desired keywords
  • Optimizing of landing pages
  • Making landing pages attractive for visitors
  • Creating the ad copy
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Geographic target setting
  • Creating analytics
  • Daily monitoring of click through advertising
  • Management of goal achievement
  • Scoring leads produced by the PPC campaign


Budget for PPC Campaign?

The best part of PPC campaign is that it is cost effective and you have full command over your budget. If you consider that you can spend Rs. 100 per day, you can easily set up the amount per day basis. On some occasions when you want more clicks on your ads, you can increase it.

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